Invoice, Communicate, Manage, Feedback

Client management for video editors

Manage your clients, projects, invoices, feedback, and other essential aspects of your business - All in one app... Watch video.

Powerful Features

How Taspin works

Share and store your videos in-app

Utilize competitively priced file storage within Taspin or bring your own storage provider to use within the app.

Manage proposals, invoices & payments

Manage all your project proposals, products, services, invoices and invoice status, and payments.

Capture feedback on your edits

Share your edits with your clients and allow them to view and provide timestamped feedback in-app.

Deliver projects on time in budget

Improve communication with clients, revisions and turnarounds to help projects on time and in budget.

Video Collaboration Platform

Manage your clients, communication, projects, invoices, feedback & more

Taspin provides a full suite of tools to cover every aspect of running your studio or freelance business. Allowing you to focus more on what you enjoy doing.

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Taspin seamlessly integrates into your workflow, agency and teams

  • Use Taspin via email or with your existing project management tools.
  • Collaborate¬†with team members, suppliers or partners on projects within the platform.
  • Communicate in app so that your team and when needed clients are all on the same page.

Do more with more

Integrate with ease

Taspin works great with tools in your existing workflow without adding extra work. Our integrations include:


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